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16 Days of Activism, Call for Statements of Interest.

Apply! Today to Receive This year’s GBV Prevention Network Regional 16 Days of Activism Campaign KitHundreds of organizations and millions of people across the Horn, East and Southern Africa will get involved in the GBV Prevention Network’s Regional 16 Days of Activism Campaign. We hope to engage and inspire action from all categories of leaders including:

  • Political leaders e.g. members of parliament, ministers, elected leaders at local government level etc.
  • Technical leaders e.g. ministry officials, technical staff at local levels of government
  • Opinion leaders e.g. religious and traditional leaders

Have you considered the actions below?

  1. Encouraging leaders at all levels – political, technical, religious and traditional, to publicly condemn violence against women.
  2. National programming – Advocate for the development or strengthening of a national plan of action to end violence against women in your country.
  3. Advocate for the establishment for a national coordinating mechanism with adequate resources to implement and monitor actions to address violence against women in your country.
  4. Financing VAW/G programs– Advocate for resources to be available to support the implementation of existing laws, policies and operational plans to eliminate violence against women and girls in your country.

Click here to apply for the Advocacy kit.

Deadline for application is Wednesday August 12th 2015. For further clarifications write to and