Being a diverse and forward-thinking movement also means consistently seeking to understand and experiment with new ideas. The GBV Prevention Network, therefore, offers access to a wealth of compelling resources from both members and non-members. Here, you can keep up-to-date with thousands of the latest ideas and efforts being made to prevent VAW around the region. You can also share your own vision and practices, so others can learn from your experiences. We hope these materials will continue to expand our Network’s culture of learning!

Theme Movement Building

Activists ICT Toolkit for Feminist Movement Building

Across the world, women are using information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support rights agendas, tell their own stories and challenge emerging issues in regard to access, women’s voices and violence. African women are writing about sexuality, women members of parliament use social media to promote their political agendas, rural women access market prices via mobile phones, students find journals online and save themselves money.

Most of our activism and organising happens and always will happen in person and “offline”. Linking to the tools of the online world, can create powerful ways to make visible our campaigns in new and wider spaces and to engage expanded networks of people.

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Source: Just Associates

Year of publication: 2015

Power! We all have it. How are you using yours?

In 2013, 125 organizations across the region joined their power to redefine power between women and men! Using the Action and Advocacy Kits, they challenged common societal beliefs and practices that promote men’s power over women and identified positive alternatives. From Sudan to Zimbabwe, Cameroon to Kenya, members inspired communities using drama, poetry, media, digital tools, marches, one on one chats, group discussions, debates, art and many more activities. Get Inspired for your 2014 Campaign by reading about the 16 Days 2013 Regional Campaign.

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Hope Chigudu’s thoughts on ‘Riding the Waves of Activist Leadership’

The following note touches on some broad issues that we struggle with as we ride the waves of leadership in our organizations. The note is a product of various moments of self and organizational-assessment and organizational development over the years. It is work in progress.

Source: AWDF

Date Published: 30 May 2014

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16 Days Campaign 2013 Analytical Summary

This summary is an analysis of participation in 2013 and reflects  the Campaign Calendar, Take Action Kit requests, as well as Post-Campaign Survey, current events related to the Campaign via Google Alerts, and other correspondence. However it is not the full breadth of global events surrounding the 16 Days Campaign. Download resource here.


Publication Date: April 2014