Being a diverse and forward-thinking movement also means consistently seeking to understand and experiment with new ideas. The GBV Prevention Network, therefore, offers access to a wealth of compelling resources from both members and non-members. Here, you can keep up-to-date with thousands of the latest ideas and efforts being made to prevent VAW around the region. You can also share your own vision and practices, so others can learn from your experiences. We hope these materials will continue to expand our Network’s culture of learning!

Theme Intersectionality

Anti-Homosexuality or Anti- Human Rights Law

A statement made by newly formed Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Uganda. 

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Lesbian Movements: Ruptures & Alliances

An article summarizing a collection of experiences from individuals worldwide involved in lesbian movements, civil society and human rights organizations.

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Looking at SIDA Work in Kenya From a Sexuality Angle

In order to address its policy commitments on sexuality in its Kenya Program, SIDA organized a three week mission (September 26-October 27, 2007) to conduct interviews with senior personnel from governmental and non-governmental organizations from Nairobi and Kisumu. The insights and recommendations received were used to support the Sexuality, Rights and Development Concept paper on SIDA commitments on sexuality and rights globally and to explore how the organization supports sexual rights in Kenya by supporting initiatives which promote sexual rights and through integrating sexual issues into programs such as infrastructure and agriculture.

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Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS: Critical Intersections

Violence against sex workers and HIV prevention, Information Bulletin Series, Number 3.

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