Being a diverse and forward-thinking movement also means consistently seeking to understand and experiment with new ideas. The GBV Prevention Network, therefore, offers access to a wealth of compelling resources from both members and non-members. Here, you can keep up-to-date with thousands of the latest ideas and efforts being made to prevent VAW around the region. You can also share your own vision and practices, so others can learn from your experiences. We hope these materials will continue to expand our Network’s culture of learning!

Theme Intersectionality

Gender Inequity in the Lives of Women Involved in Sex Work in Kampala, Uganda

This research article examines the experiences of 101 women living in Kampala, Uganda, who identify as sex workers. The article looks at gender inequity and explores this as a perpetuating factor in why women are involved in sex work. It also highlights the increased risk of HIV/AIDS associated with this work.

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Intersections of Violence Against Women and Militarism

This report chronicles the key discussion points of the Strategic Conversation on Militarism and Violence Against Women, convened by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) at Rutgers University from June 9-11, 2011. The meeting brought together thirty feminist activists, academics and experts from around the world to: (i) identify and explore feminist perspectives of militarism; (ii) examine the intersections between militarism and violence against women; and (iii) develop global feminist strategies to challenge militarism. 

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Perpetrators of Corrective Rape: Uncertainty and Gender in the 21st Century

South Africa is witnessing an increase in crime targeted at Lesbians particularly in the townships. This report studies the incidences of corrective rape and relationship to gender identity.

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When I Dare to be Powerful: On the Road to a Sexual Rights Movement in East Africa

A publication of an oral history project in which women were speaking for themselves to try and better understand the politics behind sexuality, sexual rights and sex work.

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