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Theme GBV Laws

Gender-Based Violence Laws In Sub-Saharan Africa

This report documents examples of legislation in sub-Saharan Africa4 designed to combat gender-based violence and evaluates how law can effectively address the challenges associated with violence against women. This report was prepared for the Committee on African Affairs of the New York City Bar by the lawyers listed below in collaboration with Elizabeth Barad, of the Law Offices of Elizabeth Barad, and Elisa Slattery, of the Center for Reproductive Rights, as part of a pro bono project coordinated by The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice

Year of publication: 2007

Prepared by: Enikő Horváth, Monwabisi Zukani, Desmond Eppel, Monica Kays, Abdoul Konare, Yeora S. Park, Ekaterina Y. Pischalnikova, Nathaniel Stankard and Tally Zingher With the assistance of: Alana F. Montas and Nicole Manara

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