Women and Culture

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Let’s Talk about Power

Power: We seldom talk about personal power—how we use it or how it’s used against us. Could it be because…

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Two slots left for the SASA! Faith course

SASA! Faith Course: Are you looking for ways to strengthen your engagement with a faith community (Muslim and Christian) to…

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Not all men commit abuse against women. But all must condemn it

VAW: The failure of men to speak out about male violence against women and girls renders us all complicit. Male…

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Posted by in Gender Equity on July 8, 2015

Swaziland: Women Still Face Discriminatory Cultural Practices

Swaziland: Gender Links Swaziland Barometer Researcher says that although gender equality is enshrined in Swaziland’s Constitution, women still face cultural…

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Attacks on elderly Tanzania women spark plan against witch hunters

Tanzania: A rising number of attacks on elderly women in Tanzania accused of witchcraft has prompted the launch of a campaign…

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Posted by in News on December 17, 2014

Church of England’s first female bishop named as Libby Lane

UK/Global: The Rev Libby Lane, a parish priest from Crewe, is the surprise choice for the Church of England’s first…

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Is Egypt ready to join growing global movement to end FGM?

FGM: With the first prosecutions under way in the UK and Guinea-Bissau, an increased focus on strengthening the law in…

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Posted by in News on November 24, 2014

Kenyan police arrest suspects after woman stripped in public

Kenyan police have arrested dozens of men suspected of stripping naked a woman in public on the grounds that she…

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‘Sweeping change’ narrows global gender gap

Global: Increased access for women to politics and the workforce has narrowed the global gender gap in the past 10…

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The tragic case of Nigeria’s ‘bird’ woman

Nigeria: The film begins in a blur. An angry mob and a policewoman can just be made out, gathered in…

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