Sexual Violence

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Rio, Brazil: A convergence to place sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse and maltreatment at the heart of resolve

SVRI 2017 Forum: South Africa | A diverse assembly of global stakeholders will engage on possible interventions to prevent and…

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Ending Rape and Sexual Violence Impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC Congo: Recurrent fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will always negate efforts made in the fight against…

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“Leading with Values” Social Media Campaign – May 22nd -26th,2017

Social Media Campaign: The GBV Prevention Network will hold a social media campaign from May 22nd – 26th, 2017 focusing…

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Powerful Photo Collages Tell the Devastating Stories of Teen Mothers in Senegal

Senegal: A new photo series is shedding light on gender inequality around the world by focusing on the harrowing stories…

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Woman Speaks About Sexual Abuse By Stepdad

Namibia: At the tender age of two, Lucy Witts was sexually molested by her Serbian-born stepfather Dragan Vujicin. Opening up…

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Fight against Female Circumcision Intensifies in Ebonyi

Nigeria: Students in all the secondary schools in Ebonyi state  have joined hands to fight the “barbaric” culture of female genital…

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Pregnant Women Face Violence

Tanzania: An Interdisciplinary research project has come out with preliminary findings that in Northern Tanzania one in every three women…

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Addressing Cultural Values, Solution to Sexual Assault – Inspector-General

Nigeria: The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has called on all stakeholders to take proactive measures to address cultural…

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Gambia: On Domestic Violence – the Need for Positive Change

Gambia: We are proud of The Gambia’s record in women’s empowerment and the progress registered by our sisters and mothers…

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Only Rape Survivors Can Truly Understand What Other Victims Have Gone Through

Kenya: A compelling story of a rape survivor and how she turned this experience to help Kenyan women. She spent years…

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