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Donor Ethics and the Revolution in the Making: Understanding the Role of Wellbeing in Human Rights Funding

Wellbeing: The revolution is in the making. Thousands of people march everyday in almost every country in the world to…

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Posted by in News on October 10, 2016

Not all men commit abuse against women. But all must condemn it

VAW: The failure of men to speak out about male violence against women and girls renders us all complicit. Male…

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Crowds of women rally in Cairo to denounce death of female protester

Egypt: Dozens of women have rallied in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, to denounce the killing of a female protester and blame the…

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Egypt faces its first FGM trial

In a country where 90 per cent of women face FGM, villagers are rallying round the doctor who performed the…

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Marriage a Barrier to ARV Treatment for Swazi Women

In a study conducted by MarxART, a project by the Swaziland National AIDS Programme (SNAP),  it has been found that distinct…

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Human Rights Advancements

OHCHR, UN Women, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO have published an interagency statement on “Eliminating forced, coercive and otherwise…

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UN Resolution Recognizes Women Human Rights Defenders

The first-ever resolution on women human rights defenders was adopted by the United Nations in the same week as the…